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Richmond Elevators original entry into the Elevator Manufacturing and Installation Market was installing standard In ground Direct Acting Hydraulic Elevators, which proved to be a highly successful venture and became a stalwart product line.

With new products emerging, the "Holeless" Side Acting Hydraulic Elevator became the new standard installation product which was more competitive and easier to install. The company recognized the need and was quick to adapt to the change.

However, as the City Landscape has gradually changed, taller buildings "High Rise" are being designed and built. Consequently the Hydraulic Elevator market has reduced considerably in size, although the company was quick to adapt to the change in product requirement, and continues to be confident and determined in meeting the present and future challenges by continuing to maintain and increase its market share.

The company has also developed a strong reputation in the design and fabrication of some of the most unique Elevator Cabs in the Industry, created in its own local manufacturing base in Richmond.

Part of the fabric of success is the company being a locally based manufacturing organization and a major employer in the City of Richmond. With its location and continuing employee loyalty, the company has retained a determination to maintain its roots and commitment to expand on its success, despite regular market place downturns.

We continue to believe in the future and are confident in developing and expanding into new markets and will continue the success with product innovation and methods.