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About Richmond Elevators

About Richmond Elevator

Richmond Elevator (REM) was established January 1st, 1974, by Walter and Irene Zachata as a source of new elevators, maintenance, and service for the low-rise apartment building sector. From modest beginnings, REM has grown into a highly versatile and successful third generation business providing elevating device systems for a wide variety of applications.

As a leader in elevator manufacturing, we provide high-rise traction and low-rise hydraulic packages for commercial, freight, service, hospital and residential buildings. We also know that it is important to provide the right elevator for the right building. We offer custom designed packages in addition to a wide variety of standard products.

With new elevator installations in excess of 9000+ units and thousands of units under contract maintenance, Richmond Elevator has earned the distinction of being the largest independent elevator company in Canada. Richmond Elevator is a full service organization with capabilities for all kinds of elevator installation, custom work, modernization and contractual elevator maintenance required by code.

Our Philosophy at Richmond Elevator is "a good product backed by good service will always promote itself" With this in mind, we continue to concentrate our energies on a reliable, well engineered product which is both architecturally attractive and competitively priced while maintaining the performance level that REM is known for.

At Richmond Elevator, we want to be a partner with our customer not just a supplier. In addition to our high quality product, we offer the dependability of our local in house engineering department and exceptional support. This commitment has made many leading architects and contractors specify Richmond Elevator for their past, present and future projects.

Richmond Elevator has, for some years now, installed more elevators in British Columbia than any other elevator company in the industry. The company still insists on the same standard of excellence upon which it has built its reputation. As a proud Canadian company we pride ourselves on all our products and services we provide. Walter would not have wanted it any other way, and this principle is continued by Irene and Vlad. All future generations of the Zachata ownership will continue with this philosophy.

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