Richmond Elevator has successfully benefited from its initial, gradual growth into the low rise hydraulic elevator market, and is now enjoying being able to offer a competitive product in the Machine Roomless elevator category. A Machine Roomless (MRL) elevator is a newer design that is commonly being specified as the product of choice by many of today's leading architects and project planners. As the name implies, a MRL elevator does not require a machine room, rather the machine and most of the related equipment fits inside the confines of the elevator shaft. This has benefits with regards to building design and also with power consumption being less due to the lower horsepower machines required to operate a MRL elevator.

Every building is a little bit different than the next, so it is important to partner with an elevating devices provider that is flexible and customizable. With Richmond Elevator's in-house full time engineering department we are able to customize our MRL elevator packages for each and every project out there, from start to finish.